Tea Infuser

Pink silicon tea infuser in the shape of a flower

Aside from the appeal of the bright and cheery pink flower waving at me from my cup, there are many practical elements of the design to point out.

The bottom of the infuser pops off easily to put loose-leaf tea in and fits back on securely so no whole tea leaves escape. The holes for the tea to flavour the water are small enough not to allow the leaves to come out but are big enough to let the water flow through and bring the flavour out into the cup.

The item is made from silicon, so it does not conduct heat when it is sat in hot water and can withstand high temperatures without melting or breaking. The user can therefore always pick it up and move it around without burning their fingers.

It is light and flexible with soft rounded edges, so it does not scratch cups and mugs and the flower at the top can easily be held to insert or remove it.

The ergonomic design means that human fingers fit nicely inside the petals giving a solid, comfortable grip. For further convenience, it fits easily in standard cutlery drawer slots and it is easy to clean and dry and will not rust like metal alternatives.